If the larvae have settled in the stomach, then the patient will be disturbed by pain in the abdomen, constant nausea and occasionally vomiting. In this case, there may be an admixture of blood in the vomit.

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There is an increase in temperature to significant numbers. Some patients present with allergic manifestations. In the case of the introduction of larvae into the esophagus, the patient complains of discomfort in the abdomen and irritation in the throat. Often, this is accompanied by a strong cough. When the parasite is localized in the intestine, the patient is disturbed by pain around the navel and in the iliac region on the right side.

  • Signs of disease in humans may vary depending on the site of methotrexate of the parasite:
    The disease is often manifested by flatulence and strong rumbling in the abdomen. Often the patient has all the symptoms that are characteristic of an acute abdomen. If a person has anisakids, treatment largely depends on the form of the course of the disease. So, there are acute, chronic and subacute forms of anisakiasis. The mild form is characterized by the presence of only dyspeptic symptoms (loss of appetite, vomiting and nausea).

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In severe cases, the pain syndrome is pronounced, bloating, constipation and even intestinal obstruction are noted. Important! Against the background of methotrexate intoxication, the symptoms of the disease can be supplemented by headache, vomiting, heaviness in the abdomen and other signs that are characteristic of an ulcer.

In its development, the parasite goes through several stages: Adult individuals living in the body of marine mammals produce eggs that enter the external environment with the feces of these animals. From fertilized eggs in water bodies, larvae of the first stage are formed. They then develop into second stage larvae, which hatch from the egg and can swim freely. These individuals are eaten by small crustaceans and develop in their bodies into third stage larvae.


After eating them, the parasites get to the intermediate hosts (crustaceans, fish, mollusks). In their bodiesIt is possible to meet not only larvae, but also cysts of the parasite (these are embryos in capsules).